The arm lift is for female patients who suffer from SAGGING of the inner surface of the arms, with or without excess fat (“bingo wings”). Sagging may be the result of sudden and significant weight loss or it may be due to ageing.

The operation

  • General anaesthetic
  • The operation lasts for one hour
  • The intervention generally begins with liposuction, then a vertical incision is made on the inner surface of the arm (beside the side of the thorax when the arm is at the patient’s side), from the armpit to the fold of the elbow (horizontal scars in the armpit do not make it possible to remove excess skin and risk causing functional impairment when attempting to extend the arms) making it possible to detach the detached skin and to re-stretch it after having removed the excess.
  • A drain is inserted then generally removed the next day.
  • Sutures are performed using re-absorbable thread so there are no stitches to be removed.

After the operation

  • Hospitalisation for one day.
  • You will be able to use your hands from the following day but impediment in flexing the elbows as well as swelling of the hands generally lasts for a fortnight. There is generally little pain.
  • Dressings must be changed once or twice a week for a fortnight.
  • You need to count on being indisposed for one to two weeks.

Any sequels and possible complications from a brachioplasty will be explained to you by Dr COURBIER during the consultation and in the literature supplied to you.