Three factors come into play in changing the figure:

FAT (not to be confused with cellulite which is damage to the skin surface) may exist in a normal amount;

If there is an absence of fat in a particular area, this is known as LIPOATROPHY and can be remedied by an injection of fat or by LIPOSTRUCTURE (not to be confused with overall thinness).

If there is too much fat in a particular area, this is known as LOCALISED LIPODYSTROPHY that will require LIPOSUCTION (not to be confused with diffuse obesity that must be cured by dieting).

SKIN can be of good quality and not flabby (in this case liposuction works well on localised excess fat).

If there is a skin flap (such as an abdominal apron) it will be necessary to re-stretch the skin by means of a DERMOLIPECTOMY or LIFT of part of the body.

MUSCLES, which ideally should be toned; they may simply have spread (DIASTASIS RECTI of the large muscles of the abdomen) and will benefit from simply being tightened. If part of the abdominal viscera have been dislodged or displaced (HERNIA or EVENTRATION) this will sometimes require the insertion of a reinforcement plate.

Sometimes the muscles lack tone and muscle-toning sessions will be necessary.