This technique is based on the fact that adipose cells are very sensitive to cold. At a certain temperature, they die and the body gradually eliminates them in a perfectly natural way. This technique is designed to address moderate localised fatty deposits, it is not a treatment for cellulite nor for obesity. It cannot replace liposuction if the volume to be removed is significant.

The procedure:

  • No anaesthesia is necessary (the pain from the suction cups disappears as soon as the freezing process starts to work).
  • The area to be treated is identified and marked and before treatment a protective gel is applied to the area to be treated before the hand-held device (a type of suction cup) is put in place.
  • Starting up the machine produces suction then gradual freezing to (-8 to -10 degrees) of the roll of fat.
  • The session lasts for 60 to 70 minutes then the hand-held device is removed and the area is massaged.

After the treatment:

  • Redness and numbness in the treated area will soon disappear.
  • It is not necessary to wear a special compression garment.
  • The patient can lead a normal life immediately but it is important to live a healthy lifestyle afterwards and keep well hydrated.
  • The results will not be visible for four to six weeks and will constantly improve for three to four months.