The motivation may be job-related (in modern society, good looks play an important role in the context of a job interview), or it may be purely person, to feel “better in oneself” by correcting a bothersome physical defect.

Requests for cosmetic surgery for men are of various types:


Frequently requested to correct fatty deposits mainly on the trunk. Surgery cannot replace dieting which is indispensable if the patient is overweight.

The belly

  • Liposuction is effective to deal with excess fat on the thighs (“love handles”) or on the belly (if the excess is moderate).
  • A LIPECTOMY will be necessary if there is an excess of skin, especially after severe weight loss.

The breasts

GYNECOMASTIA is the name for excessive volume of breast-like excrescences in the male.

  • LIPOSUCTION is effective if the excess consists merely of fat (assessed in a mammogram).
  • MASTECTOMY with an incision around the areola will be necessary if there is an excess of mammary gland.
  • MAMMARY PLASTY leaves larger scars but may be necessary if there is an excess of skin (though it is performed much more rarely).

See the SOFCPRE information file


The demand is for effective procedures but with the shortest amount of post-operative recovery time so as not to interfere with the patient’s occupation.

  • INJECTIONS of botulinum toxin in the forehead or frown lines wrinkles and of HYALURONIC ACID in the creases at the sides of the nose are suitable responses to the demand.
  • BLEPHAROPLASTY is often requested, whether for bags under the lower lids or an excess of skin on the upper eyelids, because it produces a much more youthful look with an intervention that is not too disruptive. Men often have eyebrows that are set quite low on the face and cannot always be adjusted.
  • A FACE LIFT is also requested by men aged over fifty when their physical appearance is out of synch with their minds. There are some technical variations that make the male face lift different from the operations performed on women.
  • RHINOPLASTY is a frequent reason for consultation, to remove a bump or a hooked or Roman nose, correct a bulbous tip or correct a deviation of the septum. It is important to be very careful to ensure the nose remains masculine without cutting into it too deeply.
  • Surgery to cure baldness (hair transplants) is also very popular but we do not perform this procedure, nor do we perform penis enlargement surgery.