THE SIZE can be “normal” (something that is very subjective).

  • If the breasts are too large this is called MAMMARY HYPERTROPHY (justifying BREAST REDUCTION).
  • If too small, this is called MAMMARY HYPOTROPHY (justifying the insertion of PROSTHESES) or MAMMARY AGENESIA if the breasts are totally absent.

THE SHAPE can be “normal”

  • If the lower part of the breast falls below the sub-mammary crease, this is known as PTOSIS (it may be associated with hypotrophy, hypertrophy or normal volume normal in which case it is known as pure ptosis).
  • If the nipple is not prominent this is known as INVERTED or INVAGINATED NIPPLE.
  • If the nipple is distended by long breasts this is known as TUBEROUS BREASTS.
  • Breasts may be symmetric or ASYMMETRIC.
  • Breasts may have been mutilated due to tumoral resection surgery and this is a reason for BREAST RECONSTRUCTION.