“Lipostructure”, “lipofilling” or “re-injection of autologous fat” is a surgical technique described by DR S.COLEMAN that makes it possible to inject under a patient’s skin purified fat taken from this same patient. It is used to correct a large number of hollows that have occurred naturally or after a trauma and allow certain people to restore youthfulness to an ageing face.

The technique of lipostructure is a definitive technique since the adipose cells grafted will live as long as the cells surrounding them.

The operation

  • Often general anaesthetic sometimes local anaesthetic.
  • The removal of fatty tissue is performed non-traumatically by means of a micro-incision hidden in the natural folds of skin, using a very fine aspiration cannula.
  • The fat is then centrifuged in order to retain only the living fat cells.
  • Re-injection of the fatty tissue is performed with the help of micro-cannulas.
  • The time taken for the intervention depends on the quantity of fat to be re-injected and the number of sites to be treated (from 30 minutes to two hours).

After the operation

  • Day surgery at the hospital.
  • There is generally little pain after the operation.
  • Swelling of the tissues (œdema) and ecchymosis (bruising) generally last a fortnight (do not be exposed to the sun).
  • There is a variation between the amount of fat re-injected and how much is taken by the graft. Overcorrection is thus necessary to achieve the desired result.
  • The sequels and possible complications will be explained to you by Dr COURBIER during the consultation and in the literature supplied to you.