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Ventre plat pour la chirurgie du corps à Marseille | Dr Régis Courbier

Body Surgery

Abdominal lipectomy is for patients who, with or without excess fat, have LOOSE SKIN (from flabby skin to a stomach apron) and sometimes flabby muscles.

Visage de femme pour la chirurgie du visage à Marseille | Dr Courbier

Facial Surgery

The purpose of this surgery is to correct the signs of ageing around the eyes and replace the “tired” look by a more rested and relaxed look.

Poitrine de femme pour chirurgie esthétique à Marseille | Dr Courbier

Breast surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a common and recognized practice that aims to introduce implants of varying sizes and shapes according to the patient’s anatomy and wishes.

Régis Courbier


  • Diploma from the French College of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
  • Higher Diploma of Microsurgical Research University.
  • Medical Studies Degree for Legal Repair of Corporeal Damage.
  • Specialist Certificate of Studies in Maxillo-Facial Surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is a very special surgery, different from other specialties because it is not compulsory.

The decision to have your operation is up to you and you often have the choice between several types of operations or scars, which is to say the importance of the preoperative consultation.

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I am completely satisfied with my experience with Dr Courbier, both in terms of his professionalism and the surgery itself. He tells us what is going on, what can be done and takes into consideration what we want while giving us advice. I recommend it without any hesitation. Thanks again Dr Courbier.

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Wrinkle correction in Marseille | Dr Courbier

Wrinkle correction

Actual WRINKLES and crows’ feet, RIDULES (forehead, FROWN LINES, between the eyebrows, crow’s feet in the corner of the eye, lips, cheeks) are not greatly improved by surgery but require an additional procedure….

The abdominoplasty operation in Marseille | Dr Courbier

Abdominal Surgery

Liposuction is aimed at female patients with an excess of LOCALISED fat, whose skin is of good quality and capable of shrinking. Patients with excess fat all over the body (whether or not they are obese) need to go on a diet.

Breast enlargement using prostheses | Dr Courbier

Breast Implants

This intervention is for women who consider their chest to be too small. This may be due to a congenital absence of development of the mammary gland that may be more or less significant (agenesia or hypoplasia) or loss of volume due to dieting or pregnancy.